Night of Light 2021

All of us from the live and event industry.
The people who make special sacrifices.
All those who miss events.



This is how it works:

Do you miss events and being together just as much? Then show your solidarity with our industry and put a red light on your balcony, garden or front door. And post your pictures with: #AllLightUp

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 It is time to:: #AllLightUp


All over the nation and europe thousands of people, actors, companies and institutions are taking part in the protest action.


#RedAlert calls on everyone who misses events to bathe their place and location in red light, to light up their red light. Post your picture or video with: # AllLightUp

Dekorativer HintergrundDekorativer Hintergrund

One year Night of Light

2020, the arts, culture and event industry sent a strong signal against the demise of the culture and event industry with over 9000 light installations.   
Despite delicate opening steps and the hope that the pandemic will end soon, it is already clear:
We will have to wait a long time for major economic, cultural and social events. Many event and culture creators will therefore suffer the longest from this pandemic.
Most governments in Europe have already kicked off events. #WeMakeEvents and #RedAlert, as well as other European sister initiatives, are showing their solidarity with us at Night of Light 2021. The cultural and event sector across the continent has been hit hard by the pandemic measures. We stand together.
For all those affected, we want to send a sign of solidarity. All longing give your beacon. We all illuminate: light up for art and culture. Light up for fairs and congresses. Light up for contacts and being together. Light up for perspectives. Light up for freelance workers. Light up for more effective financial support. Light up for more appreciation of our industry.
On 22.06.2021 we all light up! With the aim of finally getting perspectives. Not only the industry people. But all who find that it is about time again for contact, exchange and living together.
Dekorativer HintergrundDekorativer Hintergrund

The goal - giving perspective!

Even a year later, there is little hope that things will get back to normal very soon. The population is culturally starved. That's why we need another Night of Light. One in which all people and institutions who miss events participate. Be it professional, be it private, be it cultural, be it social. Together, everyone lights up their lights.

#AllLightUp - saving cultural diversity

Culture expresses itself in countless ways on stages, at events, in occasions, in performances, in community. All of it is missing – the second year in a row.

#AllLightUp - Securing livelihoods

Yes. We have achieved some improvements in financial support programs since 2020. Nevertheless, the elementary burdens persist. This is detailed in our Statusdeklaration.

To date, there is still no commitment to sufficient reconstruction aid.

The people in the sector need a perspective!

# AllLightUp - Giving career prospects

What do professionals, specialists and people who are motivated and creative do when they are condemned to do nothing in their second year? When their income collapses?

They move to industries that are looking for experts. So the third largest event market, the largest trade fair destination in the world loses the real basis to return to its former role after the crisis. A lot of hands and brains are lost to our culture and economic prosperity!

The government must create future security through suitable framework conditions!

#AllLightUp - Maintaining world leadership

No cultural diversity without events. Even the world's leading exporter needs the events industry more than ever. Without saving this champion industry, Germany will lose its acquisition platform, its showcase to the world, its market position and great cultural global significance.

#AllLightUp - dedicated political contact person

The cultural and event industries were shut down to protect the population. The economic damage and destroyed confidence of event-goers will continue for years to come. The government must assume permanent responsibility for the reconstruction of this world-class industry. With its own committee in the Bundestag, a federal commissioner for the event industry (analogous to the tourism commissioner in the BMWi) and a firm anchoring in the coalition agreement.

#AllLightUp - End of red lights

First in, last out! The culture and events industry also finally needs the go-ahead for its revival. Because it is now making its special sacrifice to society for the second year without interruption. Savings, livelihoods, perspectives are gone. If in September - as promised by the chancellor - everyone will have received an offer of vaccination, the ban on events and professions must end. But for this to happen, the rules must be defined now, and not just on Day X. Because events need a lead time of six months. No one survives September plus six. After that, financial reconstruction programs are needed for the sector, which has suffered existential damage. A positive perspective for all!

Dekorativer Hintergrund Dekorativer Hintergrund
Get involved with Night of Light 2021!
Get involved with Night of Light 2021!

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Dekorativer Hintergrund Dekorativer Hintergrund
Downloads                                        #AllLightUp #WeMakeEvents #RedAltert
Downloads                                        #AllLightUp #WeMakeEvents #RedAltert



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